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Zoe Wolski
Ballajura Community College WA

Character Biography

This girl's family life was tough, hard and she was always on the run. She lived with her grandfather deep within the Swamp, hiding away from the evil swamp witch. There the both of them moved constantly to keep undetected from the witch, but the girl had a keen interest in rocks and gem stones and had completely forgotten the existence of her. What they both were not aware off was the swamp witch had already detected them. Her grandfather sensed that danger was upon them and told her that they couldn't live together anymore and she had to run away for her own protection. She feared loneliness and was heartbroken to be separated from her beloved grandfather. However, in the dead of night with sadness in his eyes, he left her days later and was captured and held prisoner by the swamp witch.

Distraught and believing her grandfather was dead, she hurried quickly in search to find a way out of the swamp. She accidently tripped over a tree trunk and fell through a dark hole which lead into the Deep Caves. Faced with being all alone, she plucked up her strength and courage, to explore the Deep Caves environment and to see what mysteries it holds. Her talent for mining after discovering many unique treasures, she adopted the name 'The Geologist'. She created and designed a medium sized cave into the wall of the Deep Caves and then set up a store to sell her trinkets to those who ventured down there. The store displayed various metals, gems and minerals which are offered to the player, to utilise and harness.

The Geologist thought she had discovered a rare Timestone crystal, but when she reached down to pick it up, rocks suddenly came hurtling down. As she looked up, one struck her eye causing an injury which now requires it to be permanently bandaged. Her shirt design is a pictorial illustration of how she believes the Timestone's where made and that some kind of mystical flying object, produces a liquid which in itself becomes the Timestone.

The Geologist is very hard working, strong willed girl, who strives to do her best but her stubbornness can get the better of her. Her physical fitness is overwhelming but her duelling capability is just below average. She strives to find a way to the SCIOPS Academy and to improve her duelling abilities and make new friends.

Zoe's Inspiration

My inspiration for this character was the need of a tomboyish girl that did the hard yards for her own sake. From assessing the games environments, I picked a suitable one for my character's origin to be in, created a tragic occurrence and then found a job or a specific area of interest for the character to achieve in a different environment. Having suffered a disability didn't stop her from beginning a new life for herself. She wears clothing suitable for a mining environment.




  • The winning character will appear in the Knowledge Quest: English 1 & 2 Online Games from February 2012.
  • The student/class who creates the winning entry will receive a framed copy of their final character design as interpreted by our artist, including a certificate of achievement.
  • The teacher and class of the winning entry will receive a copy of their choice of either
    Knowledge Quest: English 1 Online Game or Knowledge Quest: English 2 Online Game for each student in their class and a corresponding teacher edition copy for each teacher in the school’s English faculty.



21 JULY 2011 Competition launches
21 SEPTEMBER 2011 Deadline for competition entries
17 OCTOBER 2011 Finalists announced via website
31 OCTOBER 2011 Winner notified, announced and displayed on Knowledge Quest website.
NOVEMBER–JANUARY 2012 Development of winning character and entry
FEBRUARY 2012 Character debuts in Knowledge Quest: English 1 & 2 Online Games

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