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Knowledge Quest (KQ) brings together the worlds of education and gaming as a fun way to master key English skills. Brought to you by Jacaranda, a leading publisher of educational resources, KQ draws on the power of digital learning to create an interactive, fun and fully supported online English game designed to promote a desire for life-long learning and discovery. With literacy being such a vital component in students’ education, KQ helps motivate and engage students to improve their literacy confidence by providing a new and exciting environment in which to learn key English skills.


Guided by a cast of colourful characters, students discover a world where learning is rewarded and knowledge is power! Students become immersed in a world where they set off on quests, defeat monsters, cross treacherous terrain, find loot and decode locks, all by using and building upon English skills.

As quests are completed, students earn experience points, unlock new outfits and skills, win trophies and discover more about the people who live in the KQ world.


Through the power of play, students will learn and master the five core modules of English skills:


These modules are broken down into concepts or quests to provide bite-sized learning for students to master.

Designed to teach, not just assess, the student is guided through a tutorial, a series of challenges that increase in difficulty as well as a final skillmastery test. The diagnostic report of achievement provides the student with a visual display of their results allowing them to see where they need to improve.


We have split the KQ game up into two levels to allow continuity of the skills being used in the classroom and the home.

Incorporating the latest in educational theory and technological innovation, the KQ game platform allows students to support their learning both inside the classroom and at home.


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